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Your vote for Americans 4 Israel will give you a voice and strength as part of our independent Zionist non-partisan representation in the parliament of the Jewish people.

Americans 4 Israel Platform Commitments

1 To provide strong, experienced, visionary, community-based leadership committed to Zionism and Israel.

2 To fight Antisemitism, Anti-Zionism, and the Boycott Movement in collaboration with American and international organizations.

3 To strive for greater unity among, and support equality for, all Jews and all expressions of Judaism; securing the promise of religious freedom and strengthening Israel both as a democracy and as a Jewish state.

4 To educate and inspire the next generation of American Jewish leaders.

5 To promote programs that lead to Zionist activism, leadership, entrepreneurship and idealism such as programs in the arts, businesses, sports, the environment, public policy, historic preservation, the Hebrew language, cultural and religious spheres.

6 To work with the diverse members and organizations of the global Jewish community to improve Israel-Diaspora relations.

7 To support the easing of the integration of new immigrants into Israeli society, to encourage Aliyah and to create programs for Hebrew language instruction throughout the world.

8 To revitalize the World Zionist Organization, with a commitment to achieving transparency, accountability and a renewed approach to strengthening the Zionist federations and communities throughout the Jewish world; to insist upon the empowering of delegates at Congress in a meaningful way and to advocate for direct elections for the Chairman, priorities and budgets of the World Zionist Organization.

9 To maximize the rights and improve the financial status of Holocaust survivors.

10 To support efforts to achieve peace and security for Israel with her Arab neighbors, including the Palestinians.

Are YOU an American 4 Israel?

All Jewish adults 18+ residing in the US who did not vote in the recent elections for the Israeli Knesset are eligible to vote. Make sure your voice is heard.